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Sea Sea Riders Restaurant in Dunedin, Florida

Thoreau’s quote, “Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after,” is stamped on each menu at Sea Sea Riders Restaurant located in the quaint town of Dunedin. Sylvia and Artie Tzekas, who have owned the restaurant for the past twenty years, apply this quote as the search for the finest produce and best ingredients to create their signature dishes. After more than just good food: they are after memorable fellowship with their customers. Foregoing the recent restaurant trend to quickly construct a franchise and succeed at all costs, the couple believes their life’s work should supersede survival to achieve the pride of providing the best cuisine possible.

Sea Sea Rider’s motto “A Taste of New Florida in an Old Florida Atmosphere,” implies an awareness of heritage and the resolve to consider the past while continuing with the present. Built in 1903, the throwback beach house was restored and converted into a restaurant. As old Florida qualifies the dining experience, the setting’s significance became its ability to remain nostalgic and historically-sensitive, acting as a preservative of the original character and motifs. The atmosphere cultivates a casual and relaxed environment reminiscent of the aged Sunshine State as by resisting anything posh or modern. It revels in a homelike comfort that reverts back in time. “The structure of the building makes you feel like you are in Key West,” Sylvia states. It mimics the easygoing essence of the beach and its respite from daily chaos. The dream evoked by the location is where the sand meets the sea, time stands still, and the soul finds peace.